Bankera (BNK) ICO

updated 19 February 2019

Banking the blockchain era

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Status: ended
Public sale: 27 Nov`17-01 Mar`18
Cap: 181 000 000 USD
Goal: No info
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Bankera's vision is to revolutionize banking, by merging it with cryptocurrencies using the possibilities of blockchain technology. This will make Bankera one of the first crypto-friendly regulated banks on the market. Bankera will offer payments, contributions, loan and deposit solutions just as a proper bank. Later on, it is planning to develop new types of money, such as inflation linked baskets.

Bankera’s MVP is already operational in the form of SpectroCoin. Before ICO the Bankera will already be offering personal bank account numbers and payment cards linked to cryptocurrency wallets as an initial product, to prove its technological and regulatory capabilities.

For the ICO team will issue a new, Ethereum based cryptocurrency called Banker (BNK). It will be already available for sale during pre-ICO sale on the 28th of August which will take place on SpectroCoin. Banker owners will be awarded commission through a newly created reward system.



this is the greatest project in this year, been part of the pre-ICO and the result its impressive, the concept and the team amazing, the cryptobanking revolution!


Great team, great idea and the right time to be involved in this project!