updated 02 November 2018

The World Bank for the Micro-Economy

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Status: ended
Public sale: 05 Feb`18-06 Mar`18
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Bank Account Based Blockchain

BABB is the decentralised bank for the microeconomy, providing individuals and businesses with a UK bank account, powered by blockchain technology. The account is managed via a smartphone app and provides access to a decentralised payment card. In addition, partnerships with central banks allow for the integration and issuance of other digital currencies around the world, further stimulating local micro-economies and expanding the reach of the BABB solution and its underlying BAX token. 

BABB leverages blockchain, biometrics and machine learning to offer revolutionary decentralised banking services for people across the globe. Regardless of background, location or income, BABB will offer a UK bank account to anyone in the world, helping increase financial inclusion and social integration, while also empowering local economies to generate wealth for themselves. We will connect people and businesses to a frictionless new global financial system which revolutionises the existing micro-economic ecosystem through advanced technological, social, economical and regulatory capabilities. By combining social connectivity with accessible banking (social banking), we are building a global banking network fostering international collaboration and inter-community engagement. In essence, BABB is building a decentralized bank powered by the blockchain, operating a full reserve and integrating digital currencies all around the world.

Mobile App

A mobile app with global connectivity. Send money across the world, exchange currencies, lend and borrow money and fundraise for projects.

The Black Card

Spend fiat currency or BAX - BABB native cryptocurrency - online and in any country using the Black Card, a revolutionary decentralised payment card linked directly to your BABB bank account.

Social KYC

BABB’s platform promotes trust. Therefore, on our network, other users’ trust is enough to open an account with core functionalities. Our innovative ‘Social KYC’ process allows anyone who is fully KYC-ed, with validated documentation, to vouch for other users and onboard them to the platform. In this way, we will extend our services to millions of people without requiring them to provide ID documentation.