B2BClassic (BBCC ) (B2BClassic) ICO

updated 25 November 2018

Utilize social network functions such as endorsements and references to authenticate users and reduce due diligence effort and time.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Aug`18-30 Dec`18
Cap: 16 360 000 USD
Goal: 22 000 ETH
(2 691 040 USD)
Price: 1 B2BClassic = 0.000022 ETH
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Restricted Transparency in B2BClassic

Matching the right buyers and sellers is difficult. Authenticated reviews are nonexistent and due diligence is complex.

Difficult Buyer & Seller Discovery

Traditional methods for searching buyers and sellers-- email, phone-- are slow, inefficient, and can take weeks or even months.

Lack of Targeted B2B Advertising

Unlike Google Adwords in consumer marketing, B2B advertising platforms are limited and rudimentary.

Limited Trust In International Trade

International  trade lacks full trust. Local banking can be inconvenient. Sending money in and out of some countries can be inefficient and expensive.

LinkedIn and TraDove

LinkedIn is not suitable for business. It does not authenticate its users. Most use public emails. Faking a LinkedIn profile is easy. It is too general and crowded. Most use LinkedIn for personal and professional relations oriented communication. It does not have a product/service component.

TraDove has developed a proprietary process to authenticate its users in its general network. It is much harder to fake a profile. It is a social network tailored for corporate buying and selling people. It seamlessly connects business people, products/services and companies together to share knowledge, experience and opportunity in a much more relevant way.

How BBCoin Will Be Used

We will let corporate buyers use our services for free. We will let corporate sellers use our basic services for free and use BBCoin to pay for prioritized or value-added utilities, such as notifying sellers as to buyers' searched or expressed needs.