updated 12 July 2018

Your personal wealth manager for cryptoassets

Token sale info
Status: ongoing
Start: 15 July 2018
End: 14 September 2018
Cap: 29 000 000 USD
Goal: 3 000 000 USD
Price: 1 B21 = 0.16 USD
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B21 - Your personal wealth manager for cryptoasset

B21 is the world's first personal wealth management platform exclusively for cryptoassets. We are a global project launching first in the multi-billion dollar European market where retail investors are seeking access to cryptoasset investments. B21 is a mobile first application to make cryptoasset investing easy for first time and experienced investors. The opportunity in the growth of cryptoassets is massive and is growing at exponential rates, but the options and services currently available to retail investors are technical in nature, confusing and challenging to manage. We are unique in that a user only needs one account to manage a diverse portfolio of cryptoassets. If an investor were to use a competitive offering, it would require several accounts, passwords, wallets and registrations to manage their portfolio.

B21 is developed for people like you, people who want to invest in crypto assets but find it overly complex and fragemented. B21 simplifies cryptoasset investing by using a goal based approach, removing technical challenges and enabling an investor to create his own diverse portfolio with a single account, password and dashboard. The value is created for the ecosystem be enabling the general public to invest in blockchain technologies, welcoming hundreds of billions in investible capital.




B21 is taking the complexity out of cryptoasset investing. You only need ONE Fiat currency, ONE Account, ONE KYC, ONE Password, and ONE Dashboard to manage your whole cryptoasset portfolio.