Axtrust (TRU) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

The first crypto-curency L/C

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Status: ended
Public sale: 31 Mar`18-30 Apr`18
Cap: No info
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About Axtrust

Everybody use Internet to buy something. Many work with freelancers. And this is always a risk. Sellers and buyers, customers and performers understand this. Customers do not have a 100% guarantee that they will receive the order, or the work will be done as agreed. They risk with money and time. On the other hand, the performer or the seller does not have a clear confidence in the conscientiousness of the customer as well. In other words, there is no guarantee that both sides will fulfill their obligations. 

There are a lot of ways of securing, which do not always work equally for both parties. This is payment by cash on delivery, and a third party that monitors the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the parties. But all that may not be enough ... 

We offer a solution to these problem! Trust in a non-trusting environment! 

With AxTrust, trust - is an axiom! 

Purchases under a smart contract will protect sellers and buyers! Provision of services under a smart contract will secure the customer and performer! The customer will not lose time and money, the reputation and prosperity of the performer will not suffer as well!

In addition, our platform will take into account the reputation of the parties, which will be stored in the blockchain *. It is possible to further integrate with other projects that take into account the reputation.

Integrated Platform for Safe Transactions

To give market participant's a new service in which trust - is an axiom. Create a convenient API* for all kind's of buying and selling platform's and service markets. Develop smart contracts for the maximum number of areas where it is impossible to provide absolute trust between the parties at the moment.