AutoUnit IAC (ATK) ICO

updated 31 January 2018

Decentralized marketplace with multilevel cashback

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Status: ended
Public sale: 25 Jan`18-22 Jul`18
Cap: 14 000 ETH
(4 370 520 USD)
Goal: 69 000 ETH
(21 540 420 USD)
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IAC AutoUnit

International Auto Club (IAC) is an automated platform bringing together the best features of payment systems, cashback services and partnership programs. In fact, the IAC company has passed the stages of start-up, growth and establish and now it’s ready for the expansion stage. Today it is one of the largest cashback services in Russia and CIS countries with its own payment system and a unique partner program.

The blockchain technology will allow the platform to be brought to a new level, to meet new challenges and make the existing solution even more effective. 

AutoUnit is a blockchain-certificate for purchasing goods and services placed on the IAC platform and offered by partner enterprises. The certificate provides all mutual settlements between IAC and goods and services suppliers as directed by the users.

Token distribution. Discounts.

The company plans to sell 70% of its tokens. The rest will be spread between the participants of the bounty campaign, the project’s team and advisors.

  • Sale - 70%
  • Bounty - 15%
  • Team - 10%
  • Advisors - 5%

Bonuses are discounted prices at which AutoToken can be purchased. There will be a separate discount on tokens at each stage of the sale. Two types of discounts will be used: discounts for Partners of IAC and discounts for the rest of the buyers.

Presale 25.01-18.03 20%

Stage 1 26.03-22.04 15%

Stage 2 30.04-27.05 10%

Stage 3 04.06-24.06 7%

Stage 4 02.07-22.07 3%

Funds distribution

Fund, acquired during the ICO will be allocated in the following fashion:

● 58% of the funds will be spent on the development of the payment system, which includes:

○ connecting offline companies to the payment system;

○ implementing payment solutions within the AutoUnit system;

○ opening our own bank (NSCA);

○ opening branches of the bank in other countries;

○ implementing the option to make payments inside the system using any cryptocurrency.

● 32% of the funds will be spent on marketing. This includes:

○ market analysis, media research;

○ development of marketing strategy for the expansion to foreign markets;

○ rework of current positioning and all marketing tools, including the website and landings;

○ creation of new marketing tools;

○ all marketing budgets (internet, television, radio);

○ consulting, PR agency fees.

● 10% of the acquired funds will be spent on technological development and support of the platform. This includes:

○ development of subprojects using modern technologies;

○ staff expansion, creation of additional highly skilled work teams;

○ further training for specialists, technical consultations;

○ development and support of the whole system and separate subprojects based on various modern technologies, including clusterization, scaling, blockchain and others;

○ purchase of modern, high-performance hardware and costs associated with maintenance, modernization and servicing;

○ workplace setup (offices, office hardware and software);

○ purchase of modern, high-performance hardware and costs associated with maintenance, modernization and servicing.

IAC’s advantages

  1. A relatively large and growing number of active affiliates, online and offline stores and various services suppliers:
  2. More than 12,000 organizations provide discounts for the platform users;
  3. Cashback in 12,000+ offline stores in Russia and CIS countries.
  4. Cashback in 700+ online stores.
  5. A wide range of goods and services: IAC does not limit itself to only one portion of the market, you can find nearly any goods and services on the platform - from grocery to insurance, from tourism to car washes.
  6. The platform has the unique feature of referral cashback - a loyalty programme consisting of 9 levels. Each level guarantees the user an increase in cashback and passive income from purchases made by referrals.
  7. IAC’s cashback can be as high as 90% of what the platform receives, depending on the size of the cashback set by the supplier, and the status of the user (user, affiliate user, partner, VIP partner).
  8. Currently there are about 650,000 users registered on the platform and making use of cashback, discounts on goods and services and other bonuses. Among them there are more than 70,000 members of the Auto Club, who have the access to additional services and a higher cashback rate. The platform has been functioning smoothly for over 3 years which means that it is a successful and time-proven business. The platform is financially stable and cash gap-proof due to the large number of active users, good trade turnover and a smart monetization system.
  9. IAC was created in 2014 by specialists in the client loyalty sector, and its goal is to provide high quality services and goods on bulk prices. Since then the project has grown and many new specialists and experts have joined the development team. The large number of active users provides the team with enough information and statistics, based on which a successful development strategy can be built.
  10. The integration of blockchain into the system will allow for transparent transactions, which will boost trust in the project. Our own cryptocurrency will simplify the fiscal relations between businesses, users and the platform.
  11. Besides receiving cashback, users and partners of IAC have access to many discounts and the company’s own projects. Users can also make use of training programs that were developed in order to help them increase their income in the system. Every member of the Club can build their own business, while we provide free tools for advertising. Users also have access to corporate mobile services (which also includes cashback), beauty and health programmes, investment projects and mobile applications for Android and iOS.