August 927 Portfolio Management System. (AugustToken) ICO

updated 14 August 2018

Blockchain based venture capitalist with crypto assets portfolio management system, where all real life project will be executed.

Token sale info
Status: upcoming
Start: 19 August 2018
End: 18 November 2018
Cap: 23 360 400 USD
Goal: 7 200 000 USD
Price: 1 AugustToken = 0.36 USD
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August927 Portfolio Management System

August 927 is a decentralized funding source for start-up ICO's and Blockchain companies in various stages of growth. August 927 is already managing a Portfolio from 2016. Our aim is to raise funds from ICO, to develop a blockchain based eco-system which will empower every individual to create & build crypto-assets by participating in fundamentally strong projects & investing in different cryptocurrencies. Our competent team will research, approve & invest in fundamentally strong real life projects which are looking for crowd-funding and feel that raising capital with ICO would be of great benefit for them.