Attention Network (ATTN) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Advertising is broken. The blockchain can fix it.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Feb`18-15 Apr`18
Cap: 12 000 000 USD
Goal: 12 000 000 USD
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Attention Network

About Attention Network

Smaller advertisers today are effectively priced out of the broader advertising market with minimum commitments exceeding $10,000 per month. Our system integrates the entire space of programmatic and real-time advertising networks in toone beautiful user experience to make everyone more money.

Cheaper Advertising
Existing solutions have huge fees, the most popular have fees that exceed 30%. Our system reduces fees by as much as 90% and improves liquidity (increasing return for advertiser and publisher alike) by bringing hundreds of disjoint auctions under one roof.

Flexible Ad Policy
Ad policy is an important tool for protecting brands: both advertiser and publisher. At traditional ad exchanges, ad policy is centralized and dicated by fiat. In Attention Network, ad policy is democratic, flexible and enforced by smart contract: it is about agreements, not dictatorships.

Fraud Prevention and Trust
The most conservative estimates of ad fraud say that by 2025, the total cost will exceed $50 billion per year.Virtually every ad platform is exposed to fraud. Our system applies staking, proof of work and game theory to produce aligned incentives — such that honesty is the most efficient behavior for all parties. When fraud is not profitable, it goes away for good.

Decentralization is in our blood. A properly crafted decentralized system is more reliable, trustworthy and censorship free. Attention Network is designed so we can't covertly feed your data to the National Security Agency, we can't deceptively change the model underneath you, and even if we were to shut down, the network would continue to operate.

Incentive Compatibility
Utilizing a provably fair auction mechanism, combined with the permanent blockchain record and a sophisticated staking mechansim, all parties: advertisers, publishers and community members have aligned incentives in Attention Network. This means we all work together to maximize the revenue for each other.

ICO details

The Cap is 12,000,000 USD and the goal is 12,000,000 USD. The goal/cap was reached exactly.