Atmatrix (ATT) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Blockchain-based AIaaS & World AI

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Status: ended
Public sale: 18 Aug`17-18 Sep`17
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About Atmatrix

Build a Next-Generation Blockchain with AIaaS

Atmatrix aims to provide a next-generation blockchain with smart-contract platform and AIaaS. It will make all DApps have good opportunity to get AI capability and service. Atmatrix will make the DBots/DApps ecosystem grow prosperously.

Build a Blockchain-based World AI

Atmatrix aims to provide a consensus based distributed virtual AI-as-a-Service cloud. With the aid of blockchain economic system, Atmatrix coordinates global AI technologies to build a new world of artificial intelligence.


  1. Connect the Blockchain World and the AI World
    The first step in sharing AI is how we build a service that connects different AI services through Blockchain and how to build a bridge between the Blockchain smart contract world and the AI world for user benefit.

    Atmatrix's second step is to get more AI and smart contract linked to the service, rather than part of the participants or platform in the center, including more open and unlimited access to AI, and more blockchain network so the off-chain platform in the first phase will evolve into a stand-alone blockchain platform, token contract in the first phase will transfer to the independent main blockchain and become to change as the main ATT token. This independent main blockchain network, will include all the different DBot nodes.
  2. Trustless AI Interoperability
    Compared with the traditional AI Service, the AI system in Atmatrix is more easy to deploy. Join AtmatrixNetwork is very simple:
    • Packaging the existing AI Service as API and Schema provided by Atmatrix
    • Develop DBot Oracle program, access AI Service, and deployed to Atmatrix multiple Oracle Relay Server.
    • Develop agents that call AI service smart contract, define prices and other parameters, and deploy and register to Atmatrix's AI Service management smart contract.
  3. Open Platform
    ATMaxtrix is an Open Platform that can be extended with Smart Contract to implement interaction and collaboration with other Ethereum-based DApps.

    ATMaxtrix's open source features enable third-party developers to build transactionable applications better on Platform. The Platform can support multiple applications.