Athena (ATN) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Neural networks & Blockchain-based technology

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Status: ended
Public sale: 12 Oct`17-29 Nov`17
Cap: No info
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About Athena

We monitor human traders with a camera, thermal camera, pulse meter, and retinal camera as they work. The collected physiological data is then compared with their trading results. Once a sufficient level of information about the individual's unique physical reactions and trading outcomes are compiled and analyzed, we can effectively anticipate short-term future developments of their actions. The xAthena (platform) does not miraculously turn a bad trader into a good one. The xAthena significantly reduces losses for successful traders.

Human mind
The human brain records and processes more than 300 stimuli. The conscious mind perceives only about 20 of them.

Data mining
We non-invasively monitor and record individual physical reactions to success or failure.

Neural network
The neural network compares physiological manifestations of emotions at specific decision-points. It then searches for these repeating patterns in real time.

Business sector
xAthena applies not only to trading. It is also applicable to other sectors such as aviation and automotive, where specific decisions can endanger human lives.

Applications for patents
We have already filed patent request for xAthena in the Czech Republic (Europe) and we are in the process of receiving US patents. You can see our request here.

Individual physiological data is confidential; therefore, it is encrypted in a blockchain where the user has complete certainty that they will not be misled by false data.

Target of learning
Our target is to reach the point where xAthena can learn an individual's unique emotional patterns in under three weeks.

Profit sources
Profit will be generated mainly from patent fees, our platform, broker, and sales of monitoring equipment.

We need expensive medical equipment, more specialists, and focus groups with whom to carry out research in order to release a commercial product in 2018.

Annual audit
The company will be audited every year and this will be published in English on our website.

No pre-ICO
Athena has no pre-ICO and no coins are allocated for further crowdsale. Unsold coins will be burned.

No team distribution
The members of Athena team don't have any tokens for free.