updated 01 January 2018

Democratizing Space - One BlockClaim at a time

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Status: ended
Public sale: 06 Nov`17-25 Dec`17
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About ASTRcoin

All indicators suggest that Asteroid Mining will become mainstream in the foreseeable future. Hence, those individuals, companies and nation states that avail themselves of this inevitability will enjoy the significant projected financial rewards.

"The Democratization of Space"

Asteroid, Ltd. is building a decentralized database whereby private individuals, corporations and nation states can register claims on mining rights to over 600,000 identified asteroids in our near celestial orbit using a smart contract and proprietary BlockClaim® mechanisms.

The BlockClaim® mechanism is modelled after ICANN, a system familiar to us all, whereby individuals who desire to "claim” a website address apply for a specific website and register their domain.

Asteroid, Ltd. will provide services that allow claimants to secure a claim to specific asteroids within the database and act as the registrar for the claimant using Asteroid’s proprietary BlockClaim® mechanism. Each individual will lay a BlockClaim® to a specific asteroid and both a public and private ledger will be created on the Ethereum platform. This will be achieved through smart contracts, protocol tokens, called ASTR®, and a significant dataset identifying over 600,000 asteroids and approximately $700 Quintillion dollars of minerals . Each BlockClaim® will consist of a registration using ASTR® Tokens and provide an immutable record of the mining claim.

A BlockClaim® may ONLY be registered using ASTRCOINS®!