updated 13 October 2018

The Social Supercomputer. 5th Generation Trustworthy Computing Fabric for medical, scientific, and high performance commercial computing.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Nov`18-30 Nov`18
Cap: 50 000 ETH
(15 550 500 USD)
Goal: 1 000 ETH
(311 010 USD)
Price: 1 STAR = 0.0005 ETH
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About ICO

The goal of Astra is to use the blockchain technology to empower people to participate in creating a global and trustworthy supercomputer to disrupt the cloud-computing industry. By uniting as a part of the Astra project, the society can share the computational power of their devices that together will create a machine with previously unknown possibilities.

This supercomputer can then be used to power scientific discoveries to improve healthcare, battle the global warming, find solutions to economic challenges and more. The applications are virtually unlimited!

5th Generation Trustworthy Computing Fabric

Astra is building 5th Generation Trustworthy Social Supercomputer. It will empower common people and data-centers to trustfully offer their idle computing resources for noble causes such as Cancer Research, Drug Discovery, and for building Artificial Intelligence Machines. Astra is targeting the $500 Billion lucrative cloud computing market. Though Astra’s Social Supercomputer can be used for any commercial computing task, it will be initially targeted at three under-served markets, which do not have entrenched competitors. These virgin markets require enormous computing power:

  1. High Performance Medical & Scientific Computing
  2. Trust Automation (Mining) for Promising Crypto-currencies
  3. Building Artificial Intelligence Machines and Robots

Astra’s mission is to open up computing and communication markets to entrepreneurs and end-consumers. Astra is building revolutionary Blockchain-based public network to which any entrepreneur or consumer can contribute computing resources or services and get compensated in STAR Tokens. The Astra Network, to which anyone can contribute resources, by its very nature, will be ‘dispersed’ and ‘dynamic’.

There are 3 technological challenges in building an open and versatile public computing network:

  1. Transform a ‘Dispersed Dynamic Network’ into a Supercomputing Fabric so that high performance computing tasks can be reliably executed in parallel
  2. Decentralize control of the network so that any Entrepreneur or Consumer can become a Controller or Task Scheduler
  3. Innovative incentive system so that all stakeholders are fairly rewarded and are able to rapidly grow the Astra Network and its economy for everyone’s mutual benefit

To solve the above 3 challenges, Astra is developing the following 4 key technologies:

  1. AI Powered Decentralized Learning Network: Independent Controllers can cooperatively learn about the status of network and select the sub-network most suitable for their computing task
  2. Independent Controllers: They simultaneously compete and cooperate (co-opetition) with each other for resources and can independently schedule computing tasks
  3. Energy-conserving Proof-of-Useful-Work Mechanism: To verify that a client has actually done the computation, before it is rewarded. The Proof-of-Useful-Work mechanism does not burn forests and waste energy on useless hash-puzzles like Bitcoin protocol
  4. Innovative Staked Rewards Token-Economics: to Rapidly Grow the Network and Fairly Reward Stakeholders. Loyal stakeholders earn Rewards based on the number of STAR Tokens staked and the growth of Astra Network.