Assistive Reality ARX presale (ARX) ICO

updated 26 September 2017

Augmented Reality meets AI in this high tech, blockchain-integrated startup apps company

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 29 September 2017
End: 06 October 2017
Cap: 1 000 ETH
(473 680 USD)
Goal: 999 ETH
(473206.32 USD)
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Usages for our ARX tokens:

- Purchase paid content in World 1 AR open world browser using ARX - Purchase the software itself! (License Profession or World 1 using our Redemption smart contract and download from your native app store) - Use the Redemption smart contract to verify you own ARX tokens and our portal will grant you Early Access to download beta AR software of ours to try! - You can offer your personal ARX tokens to the 'corporate pool' with a bid price to allow clients of Assistive Reality to purchase required ARX tokens at a discounted rate. This liquidates your holdings to another currency without the requirement of a third-party trusted exchange - ARX tokens can be used to create AR zones hosting paid content for other World 1 users to join you for free in experiencing the content. For example multi-player game zones, movie theaters.

Presale information

Our presale is a very limited 1,000 ETH pre-fundraiser only introduced due to very high demand for it. Type: ARX Token Token address: 0xb0D926c1BC3d78064F3e1075D5bD9A24F35Ae6C5 Presale start date: 29/09/17 19:00 GMT Presale contract address: Check on for the announcement, or register to receive it around 48 hours from when the presale begins. It will reach our Github after the development company has completed security reviews and audits on 28/09/2017. If you consult our Github we have already published the audited/reviewed ARX token source code (as per published and verified in etherscan) and we have also published a package contract that some groups are using to buy some pre-presale packages that were again in heavy demand from overseas clients. This code was also reviewed/audited/tested and regression tested heavily. Please go to and register and participate in our Presale!!

Upcoming company milestones

- September 29-October 6 Presale - October 10-October 31 ICO - November-January 31 Alpha complete - January-March 31 Beta release complete World 1 - April 15 Beta release complete Profession with 5 job roles added - Q2 2018 complete listing on major digital exchange - Q2 2018 publish redemption smart contract - Q3 2018 complete marketplace to allow users to publish their ARX for corporate clients to purchase - Q4 2018 complete rollout of first 5 corporate Spectrum AR sites