Asset Allocation Token (AAT) ICO

updated 22 October 2018

Asset Allocation Token is a crypto portfolio management solution featuring smart contracts-backed portfolio managers.

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 27 000 000 USD
Goal: 5 000 000 USD
Price: 1 AAT = 0.90 USD
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Asset Allocation Token | Crypto Management

Asset Allocation Token, a software for mobile devices (Android & iOS) is little more than the usual run of the mill investment portfolio management platform. It’s lucid and intuitive interface leverages professional tools and expertise to provide users a smart solution for their ICO and cryptocurrency investments requirements. Assets are managed and allocated dexterously to deliver high-class adjusted returns.

An inbuilt risk-mitigation tool within the application provides: 

Full Account Backup: Users can now backup their entire account portfolio into an encrypted file for safe keeping
Charts & Graphs: Users can enhance their portfolio management experience by using AAT application’s integrated charts and graphs
Comparison between buying value and current value: Users can access difference in value against the value for which they purchased the asset
Timely Reports: Users can receive client reports for staying informed of their investment progress
Trading Signals and Tips: Users can access AI-based trading signals, and tips for the portfolio by community-recommended managers
Profit Calculation in Real-time: Users can calculate real-time profits of their portfolio
Addition of ICO Token Profiles and New Coins: A customizable feature enabling users to add ICO and other tokens of their choice into their portfolio
Latest News Feeds: A real-time news feeder sending notifications for the selected cryptocurrencies