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There is a growing shortage of energy, food and drinking water, a deterioration of air quality, the arable land is becoming less fertile, depositories of necessary materials are being exhausted, so-called super diseases are spreading, the effectiveness of antibiotics is decreasing causing a decreasing quality in disease treatment. At the same time, the complexity of the society is ever increasing, requiring people to have increasingly specific knowledge and skills.

The existing system is not able to cope with all of this.

The causes for this lie in costly and complex, ever expanding global systems like transport, energy, communication systems, etc. Being in a highly critical dependency of each other, those systems are getting more vulnerable, while their management is becoming more complex, labour-intensive and costly.

Leading experts have taken the view that the solution is the rapid development of new technologies that enable to create autonomous independent divisions, thereby reducing the stringent coherence, vulnerability, administrative costs, internal losses and administrative complexity of those systems.

Despite this, the spending for taking the inventions into use and to support research is decreasing year by year, since this type of expenditure does not create political capital.

The pre-eminent system of governing does not support technical creativity, meaning innovative technical solutions and inventions.