Aqualite ICO

updated 02 August 2018

A platform for companies to tokenize shares and pay dividends to investors, using the promising start up 'Wingman' as a proof of stake.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Jul`18-15 Nov`18
Cap: 2 500 ETH
(337 850 USD)
Goal: 300 BTC
(1 189 029 USD)
Price: 1 Aqualite = 0.0016 USD
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A platform for companies to tokenize shares.

Aqualite (AQUA) is one of the first dividend-bearing tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain, backed by 20% of the net profits generated by the Wingman nightlife app (the first start-up to pay dividends in cryptocurrency). In the future, Aqualite will help promising start-ups & established companies raise capital through ICOs. These companies will pay dividends in AQUA using the Aqualite platform. The 'Wingman' business is being used as a proof of concept.