AntiBank (AB) ICO

updated 25 September 2018

AntiBank is artificial intelligence in finance. AntiBank (AB) will replace the current banking system with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and blockchain technology.

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Status: ended
Private sale: 07 Oct`18-07 Oct`18
Presale: 08 Oct`18-22 Oct`18
Public sale: 22 Oct`18-22 Dec`18
Cap: 800 BTC
(7 988 168 USD)
Goal: 250 BTC
(2496302.5 USD)
Price: 1 AB = 10000 BTC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Malta
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AntiBank is artificial intelligence in the world of finance.


AntiBank (AB) will replace the current banking system with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and blockchain technology.


Using these technologies of the Future AB-ecosystem can do everything that banks now do with human participation:

-       to open accounts for the storage and investment of assets,

-       to transfer assets from the account to the account,

-       to give out p2p loans,

-       to issue credit AB-tokens.


Technologies that allow all depositors to keep assets in accounts and send them from one account to another account without the participation of current banks are crypto-currency technologies with crypto-currency wallet, which is a kind of account in a kind of a crypto-currency bank.


Technologies that allow issuing loans and issuing credit money are technologies of AI and blockchain technology of smart contracts.


AB-tokens produced by the AB-ecosystem for issuing loans are crypto-currency tokens that open the door to the world of crypto-currencies and blockchain-technologies for everyone.

The credit AB-token is backed with crypto-currency assets and can be exchanged for other crypto-currencies, one can get regular bonuses with it, doing nothing, just holding it in a wallet, or one can do crypto-currency trading, buy mining equipment, etc. and all this thanks to our token.


The AB smart contract fulfills the functions of people who follow the execution of the loan agreement, and, unlike people, the smart contract can not deceive or make a mistake, it can not move one iota away from the prescribed instructions and all known instructions.


The AI is used to calculate a rating of confidence in a borrower’s ability and intention to repay and helps in case of non-repayment of the loan.


A multi-currency wallet embedded in the AB-ecosystem serves to pay for goods and services by crypto-currencies.


AntiBank ecosystem covers all aspects of the world of finance and will replace the existing outdated banking system that led humanity to the world crisis due to the fact that human beings with their greed and selfishness have full power in the financial world. Current bankers, as well as state officials who are inextricably linked with bankers, are now issuing money not backed by anything and using this money uncontrollably and shamelessly to preserve their power and privileges.

New AB-ecosystem technologies, such as, for example, crypto-currency blockchain technologies and AI technologies, will replace corrupt bankers and government officials with open source computer software. This replacement will deprive these corrupt people of their present sweet life.


With the current world order, 1% of the population owns more than 80% of the wealth, and this share of wealth increases with time. This cannot continue for long, a new world order will soon emerge. It will be based on new technologies, which the current outdated world order is trying in vain to stop.


AntiBank ecosystem is what humanity needs in order to get out of the current world financial crisis and prevent the impending global catastrophe.