Anryze (RYZ) ICO

updated 20 September 2018

Computing Network for Speech Recognition

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Status: ended
Public sale: 12 Sep`17-12 Oct`17
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About Anryze

Distributed Network is a globally distributed computer power for Natural Language Processing. We help people to transcribe their voice communications into a text with 1 click as well as provide companies with simple and cheap solution for speech recognition.

We have started our journey with speech recognition systems around 5 years ago while working on our first business venture. We have created world’s first hands and eyes free application to utilize Twitter. After that, we have created two more startups with speech recognition involved.

While working on previous startups, we were using existing solutions and always felt unsatisfied with it. That is how we came up with an idea to make our own unique and disruptive system aimed to understand natural language.

After years of researches and studies we came up with unique combination of technologies used: Wavelet transform - allows to improve recognition by reducing loss of data.

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