Angelcityio (ANGE) ICO

updated 30 January 2019

Angel City is a gaming platform that based on the decentralization of blockchain, openness, transparency andirreversibility, we can build a new brand.

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Status: ended
Private sale: 15 Jan`19-30 Jan`19
Presale: 14 Feb`19-18 Feb`19
Public sale: 19 Feb`19-28 Feb`19
Cap: 240 000 EUR
Goal: 100 000 EUR
Price: 1 ANGE = 0.0002 EUR
Blockchain: EOS
Offering type: Utility
Country: France
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Angel City is a gaming platform that runs on the blockchain to achieve a shared economy. Based on the decentralization of blockchain, openness, transparency and irreversibility, we can build a new gambling platform brand. This gambling platform is an autonomous and efficient system that is free, transparent, reliable and safe. On this system, all games are mathematically proven to be fair and made public.

Angel City will completely change the situation of black-box operation in the traditional gambling market, which will bring true fairness, transparency and freedom to the game market. Angel City will develop gambling games based on the EOS platform in the early days. In the medium term, it will be developed in other excellent underlying public chain projects such as ETH and Tron. If we find a more mature underlying public chain later, we will also migrate. For example, after Cardano is mature, we will also develop it. In short, we will focus on the development of gambling games, and this will be the ultimate.

The team has studied hundreds of classic gambling games on the traditional market and has a deep understanding of the rules. We will move some classic gambling games to the blockchain. For some games, we will refine and modify its rules in combination with the characteristics of the blockchain, making it more suitable for playing on the blockchain. Team members are programmers with more than 10 years of experience in Android, IOS and Web mobile game development, 3 years as a technician specializing in blockchain technology, and a member of many years of Internet game operations and blockchain project operations. These advantages, I believe we can do all the work of this project.