updated 01 January 2018

The Digital Coin and Exchange of Latin America

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Public sale: 16 Feb`18-15 Mar`18
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The theoretical introduction of Bitcoin (BTC) by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 led to it being the first example of a token or a digital asset with no intrinsic value and no institutionally centralized backing to gain worth through the use of a self-sustaining, trustless network, one that we now recognize as the blockchain. Since then, the digital asset has entered market valuation and transformed into an increasingly profitable cryptocurrency speculative business, meanwhile, the blockchain technology underlying these assets has begun to be used in other fields, its applications growing at an unprecedented rate within a very short period of time.

There are currently trillions of coins and digital assets in circulation, backed by a myriad of start-ups and corporations, which have added operational complexity for those interested parties that are willing to become active participants in this developing arena of cryptoeconomic systems. The technical knowledge required and the vague legal space that crypto-assets currently reside in have increased costs and the potential of being victimized by scams and frauds.

What the Alteum Foundation intends to provide is solutions to these problems, and to set up a network with smart infrastructure throughout all emerging markets in Latin America in order to facilitate access to the new economic systems being built for those individuals that have historically been disenfranchised. A part of our unique proposition is tailored to investors with a medium to high-risk tolerance, but our main goal is to expand beyond investors to the average person that does not have access to banks and other institutions, allowing them to become participants at an early stage in this industry, one that has an exponential growth potential in the years to come.

We envision a transnational financial network throughout the region, supported by our four distinct pillars of “Business” “Development” “Growth” and “Exchange”, entities whose interactions will based on the blockchain technology that we will be developing. We believe that this Foundation is set to reorganize all of the old institutions and all the old inefficient mechanisms that have weighed on and impeded the possibility for true economic development.