Alt.Estate roadmap

updated 19 July 2018

Fintech company offering the Protocol for real estate tokenization and the Platform to buy and trade tokenized property assets in fractions.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 30 May`18-31 Jul`18
Cap: 30 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
Price: 1 ALT = 0.00001 ETH
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  • Q3 2017

    Legal entity registered.

  • Q4 2017

    Advisory board formed. Blockchain architecture development initiated. Alt.Estate tokenized apartment prototype launched.

  • Q1-Q2 2017

    Core concept developed. Team established.

  • Q1-Q2 2018

    Token sale preparation and launch.

  • Q2 2019

    Platform goes live.

  • Q3 2018

    Alt.Estate Platform beta launch.

  • Q3 2019

    Protocol goes live. Technology, legal & corporate structure modules are united under Protocol for tokenizing & selling properties globally.

  • Q4 2018

    Registration, authorization and licensing in the first jurisdictions.

  • Q4 2019

    Promotion of the Alt.Estate Protocol as a turnkey solution for real estate developers, brokers and investment companies.

  • Q1 2019

    Start of the first EU law-compliant real estate token sales on Alt.Estate Platform

  • Q1 2020

    Going global. Full deployment of the Alt.Estate go-to-market strategy.

  • 2020

    Alt.Estate Protocol becomes an industry standard. Alt.Estate Platform is #1 crowdfunding and trading platform for tokenized property.



If all platform fees are paid in ALT and if ALT token will be used to buy propetry tokens, then the company has all chances to succeed.


Looks a bit unreal , i'm afraid it will be implemented much simplier -> not much expectations of huge tokenprice on market