ALLUXE | Decentralized Luxury Platform roadmap

updated 17 July 2018

The first global blockchain-based platform for buying and renting luxe property

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Status: ended
Public sale: 28 Jun`18-01 Sep`18
Cap: 1 800 000 USD
Goal: 16 500 000 USD
Price: 1 LXC = 0.0004 ETH
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  • Idea behind the project

    Initially, ALLUXE was conceived as a luxury service, a application designed to satisfy the needs of wealthy people for renting property

  • Initially, ALLUXE was conceived as a luxury servic

    The ALLUXE service is designed to combine all exclusive offers for renting luxury property on one platform and erase geographical boundaries

  • First MVP, work with partners

    By demonstrating a viable product we were able to attract the first partners and users, which was an impetus to the further development

  • Launch of iOS and Android applications

    mbodiment of the idea In Q3 2017, we placed the ALLUXE applications for iOS and Android in the corresponding markets.

  • Creating the concept of LuxeCoin & Whitepaper

    We have prepared a key document to promote the ALLUXE platform and attract investors. The concept of project own tokens, LuxeCoin (LXC)

  • Private Sale of LuxeCoin (LXC) tokens

    The first stage of selling tokens is a private sale. Possibility to buy LXC tokens at the most favorable price and get bonuses up to 40%

  • Pre Sale of LuxeCoin (LXC) tokens

    The second stage of token sales with the possibility to get bonuses up to 25%

  • MVP web platform. Finalizing the iOS & Android mob

    Launch of the ALLUXE website and finalization of iOS and Android mobile applications

  • Token Sale

    Public sale of LXC tokens to attract the maximum number of participants. Upon completion of Token Sale, all unsold tokens will be terminated

  • Issuance of LuxeCoin (LXC)

    Crediting LuxeCoin tokens to the crypto wallets of participants of all stages of Token Sale

  • Selling tokens on the exchange

    Adding tokens on the exchange will strengthen the position of ALLUXE as a real international business

  • ALLUXE MVP Platforms

    Presentation of the ALLUXE platform with the implemented crypto currency payment option

  • Business scaling up

    The ALLUXE service is represented in 35 cities, having more than 5,000 unique offers

  • Launching the ALLUXE crypto wallet

    To make payments, we will create our own, convenient and secure ALLUXE crypto wallet

  • Launching the ALLUXE blockchain platform

    Starting the blockchain-based platform. At this stage, all standard contracts with a minimum set of terms will be described.

  • Global business development

    The priority task is to support and scale up the business, which will work for the benefit of the users and partners of the platform.