ALEHUB roadmap

updated 06 October 2018

ALEhub engages the technologies of decentralized applications for project management automation.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 25 Jul`18-24 Nov`18
Cap: 33 000 000 USD
Goal: 7 500 000 USD
Price: 1 ALE = 0.3 USD
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  • Conception. January 2017

    The idea

  • Expertise from specialists in project management. February-March 2017

    Consultations with specialists in project management from the real sector of the economy

  • Mathematical modeling. April-May 2017

    Consultations with financial experts. Mathematical modeling in cooperation with the University of ITMO

  • Formation of the Terms of Reference. June- July 2017

    Consultations with blockchain experts and developers. Forming an image of a product and a technical task

  • Partnership with Serokell OU. August 2017

    Start of development

  • Pre-sale. November-December 2017

    Raised more than 1 000 000$

  • MVP. May 15/ 2018

    Publishing MVP version 0.0.1

  • Bounty. May 2018


  • Pre-ICO start. May-June 2018

    Starting Pre-ICO s

  • ICO. Jule-September 2018


  • YellowPaper release. September-October 2018

    Formalization of the top level blockchain

    Result: Yellow Paper, v0.1

  • Development of Yellow Paper release. October-November 2018

    Formalization of mining procedure

    Result: Yellow Paper, v0.2

  • Development of Yellow Paper. November-December 2018

    Formalization of embedded blockchains

    Result: Yellow Paper, v0.3

  • Development of Yellow Paper December 2018- January 2019

    Formalization of dispute system

    Result: Yellow Paper, v0.3

  • Development of Yellow Paper. January-February 2019

    Development of a virtual machine

    Result: Yellow Paper, v0.5

  • Development of Yellow Paper. February-March 2019

    Formalization of changes procedure

    Result: Yellow Paper, v1.0

  • Development of technical description of implementation. April-September 2019

    Development of technical description of system modules

    Result: Blue Paper, v0.1

  • Development of technical description of implementation. April 2019

    Development of requirememnts for front-end module

    Result: Blue Papper, v2.0

  • Implementation of a dispute system. April-May 2020

    Implementation of a third level dispute 

    Result: Alpha, v1.0

  • Implementation of a system for voting for changes. June 2020

    Implementation of a system of voting for technological upgrade

    Result: Beta, v1.0

  • Release of the system. August 2020

    Publication of the system source code and documentation

    Result: Beta, v2.0

  • Release of the system. August 2020

    Puting the system into operation

    Result: Fully operational ALEHUB system