updated 06 October 2018

ALEhub engages the technologies of decentralized applications for project management automation.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 25 Jul`18-24 Nov`18
Cap: 33 000 000 USD
Goal: 7 500 000 USD
Price: 1 ALE = 0.3 USD
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ALEHUB idea was developed in cooperation with consultants from “Siemens AG” and “Bayer AG”. ALEHUB is being developed with the synergy of industry enterprises, former Cardano developers & leading IT specialists. Backed by German companies, ALEHUB is created for real business.


ALEHUB brings together best aspects of crypto- and real economy in order to get to a qualitatively new level - composite economy. This means a simple integration of rules and customs of existing industries and segments of global and local economies with the new processing and verification capabilities. So it becomes cheaper, simpler, more reliable and flexible.


Integrating blockchain into the real economy, not substituting it. ALEHUB creates an environment for real business entities to do real business (contracts, finance, management, etc). The main goal is to comply with legislation systems and smoothly integrate into the economy: sector by sector.


  • Prohibitive expensiveness of Project Management services not only in terms of licensing but also from maintenance and support standpoint.
  • PM services demand customization for every single branch, department, large project, etc.
  • Separation of project management and HR services
  • Separation of project management and financial relations
  • Volatility of crypto means of payment
  • Payments are tied to only one currency


  •  Blockchain-based Project management for real business:
  • Multicurrency of settlement (e.g Employer pays in USD, Contractor receives EUR)
  • Jurisdiction compatibility
  • Users set rules and terms of operations on ALEHUB
  • Financial liabilities under smart contract control
  • Documentation stored in blockchain, that proves sustainability
  • Communication stored in blockchain, backout impossible

Solution is brought by Effective energy Ltd & Serokell OU, technical partner for the development of the backend part: the protocol and the platform. Using the accumulated experience in the development of Cardano, the Serokell team can lead the backend project on high quality level and in an efficient manner.

Token economy

ALE coin is a security token on ERC20 standard. To assure liquidity, ALE protocol is being mirrored on the Ethereum platform, until stocks are ready to list tokens on ALE protocols.

ALE coin holders receive a share of ALEHUB system profit. Expected dividend yield by 08.2020 is up to 150%.

Project Economy

ALE profit is generated from the commission fees charged by the Platform. Note that commissions, their volume, and subjects are determined by the consensus of the ALE token holders. When ALE platform will be launched, the tariffs for its users will be 0,1% for funds withdrawal and 0,1$ for every document published. 30% of profit is distributed among ALE coin holders.

Financial operations are settled using AXEL (ALEHUB eXchange ELement) The exchange rate of this token is pegged to the US dollar rate at the ratio: 1 AXEL ≡ 1 $. AXEL encapsulates the change in the exchange rate. Since the account stores exactly AXEL tokens, user can at any time convert them into any currency at his own choice.