updated 01 January 2018

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Public sale: 09 Jun`18-16 Jun`18
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AIRSTAYZ™is an existing platform pioneering the blockchain travel sector with the release of  STAY, an ERC223 token. Imagine a platform where you can search any hotel and check in or out  and open your room without visiting the front desk. Imagine AIRSTAYZ™, a platform powered  by the new STAY token. AIRSTAYZ™and the STAY token are brought to market by industry  leaders including the creator of OpenTable. 

AIRSTAYZ™ is a comprehensive solution that incentvizes travelers, hotels and local  businesses to connect on a single platform. With over half a million rooms on-boarding  globally in 2018, STAY is poised to become the new currency of the $7 Trillion travel  industry. 

STAY will allow travelers to be automatically rewarded with a currency that has actual  industry demand. STAY will be given to the travelers as rewards and they can now  choose to redeem the token for a multitude of offered goods and services. 

Providers need STAY to win more business, which places their success in the hands  of the guests holding the STAY. Hotels, transportation providers, dining, and  venues need STAY to interact with the AIRSTAYZ™ platform. By using AIRSTAYZ™,  any sized business will be able to buy placement, or propose special offers to win  customers. This unique blockchain platform gives power to the travelers and  creates duty for the vendors to reward people. 

STAY will initally be released for $0.30 per token and 60% of all STAY will be in  the hands of the public after a capped sale of $24 Million USD. The total cap  will be 155 million tokens which will be all the STAY that ever exists. Each  STAY will NOT be fixed against the dollar after launch, and will instead be  converted for services within the economy. The growth of each STAY is  based on the growth of the user and hotel base instead of fiat-fixed. As more hotels, restaurants and destinations join, they will need STAY to  grow.