updated 26 November 2018

AIPAY is an artificial intelligence payment platform driven by blockchain that offers a decentralized, reliable and fully automated way to buy any products from all e-commerce and shopping sites.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 20 Nov`18-21 Dec`18
Cap: 500 ETH
(94 930 USD)
Goal: 250 ETH
(47 465 USD)
Price: 1 AIPAY = 0.00000005 ETH
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Singapore
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? AIPAY is an artificial intelligence payment platform driven by blockchain that offers a decentralized, reliable and fully automated way to buy products from all e-commerce and shopping sites for all kinds of buyers around the whole world. AI (artifical intelligence) tools today are fragmented by a closed development environment; most are developed by one company to perform one task, and there is no way to plug two tools together. AIPAY aims to become the key protocol for payment network and machine learning tools to form a coordinated payment platform powered by artifical intelligence.

? The benefits of AI should become a global commons infrastructure for the benefit of all; anyone can access and use this platform to purchase any products from the marketplace based on the internet. AIPAY operates on a belief that the benefits of AI should not be dominated by any small set of powerful institutions, but shared by all. A key goal of AIPAY is to ensure the technology is benevolent according to human standards, and the network is designed to incentivize and reward beneficial players. AIPAY token will be the base and encouraged token to be used in all AIPAY applications, offering very special discounts, rewards and opportunities to users in all purchases.

Some advanced features that will be provided to the users with AIPAY are as follows :

⚡ Fast, private, flexible, reliable, robust and decentralized artificial intelligence payment platform to be provided with the AIPAY mobile applications and google chrome extension

⚡ Advanced, easy and attractive interface designed for users to shop with maximum comfort at the peaks of automation

⚡ Worldwide Discount for whole internet network

⚡ Opportunities and rewards related to given orders and purchased products

⚡ Sophisticated face and voice recognition systems for secure payment

⚡ Secure and smart wallet that works in sync with AIPAY applications for deposit, withdrawal, direct payment and shopping

⚡ Advanced artificial intelligence which is designed to provide better service to the user every passing day by improving itself over time

⚡ A real and necessary usage area for cryptocurrencies

Why We Created AIPAY ❓
The lack of a worldwide decentralized payment system in the face of the increasing demand for online shopping and the fact that the traditional payment systems cannot offer a sufficiently automated payment experience to the user are most important reasons for the establishment of our platform. Hence, unique AIPAY system aims to be a blockchain-based decentralized platform developed as a solution to the cumbersome of traditional payment systems. In addition to these, AIPAY also promises to provide a professional advertising services for our users who use our system and the vendors preferred by our users, a real usage area for the cryptocurrencies in daily life and enhanced biometric face recognition and voice recognition solutions for the high-level security of payment systems.

? Our Mission
Our mission is to integrate the disciplines such as machine learning, deep learning and computer vision onto the blockchain technology with our highly experienced and organized team to ensure that our users are able to make online purchases in a reliably and fully automated manner without using any centralized authority, using our extraordinary payment platform.

? Our Vision
The vision of AIPAY is to provide a fast, private, flexible, safe, robust and decentralized artificial intelligence payment platform to every customers on the world which makes online shopping. The biggest goal that AIPAY puts in its vision is to integrate its system to all e-commerce and shopping sites on the world starting from the biggest companies such as Amazon, AliExpress and Ebay and providing customers to one-click shopping with maximum comfort. One of the important tasks that AIPAY will assume as a responsibility is to ensure the highest quality of customer experience. AIPAY will make the artificial intelligence neural network operation decentralized and distributed over the mass nodes of the whole world through blockchain technology.

? We are pleased to announce that our ICO Program is now Live ! ?

➡️ How To Buy AIPAY:
1️⃣ Ensure you have at least 0.01 ETH in your Wallet.
2️⃣ Set GAS = 100,000 and GWEI = 10
3️⃣ Send ETH to Smart Contract : 0xF85AC1FDaBF3E8aFeFD1500120243a0B30F16a54
✅ AIPAY will be automatically sent to your wallet.

▶️ You can check the detailed transaction here :

?You can always double check the address where you will send your ETH, check it here:
?Website Selfdrop Link:
?Twitter Post:
?Medium Post:

? AIPAY Token Details ?
? Smart Contract Address : 0xF85AC1FDaBF3E8aFeFD1500120243a0B30F16a54
? Token Name : AIPAY
? Token Symbol : AIPAY
? Token Decimals : 8
? Platform : ERC20
? Total Supply : 16,000,000,000
? AIPAY Token ICO Price : 1 ETH = 20,000,000 AIPAY (5 Gwei)
? Minimum Contribution : 0.01 ETH (200,000 AIPAY)
? Softcap : 250 ETH (5,000,000,000 AIPAY)
? Hardcap : 500 ETH (10,000,000,000 AIPAY)

♻️ Token Allocation 
⏩ Token Sale Program : 63%
⏩ Team and Founders  : 15%
⏩ Board Advisors : 4%
⏩ Marketing and Ecosystem Development : 7%
⏩ Airdrop : 6%
⏩ Reserve Fund : 5%


? ICO Stage 1 
⏰ November 20 - December 4
⚡️ 1 ETH = 20,000,000 AIPAY 

? ICO Stage 2 
⏰ December 5 - December 15
⚡️ 1 ETH = 17,500,000 AIPAY 

? ICO Stage 3 
⏰ December 16 - December 21
⚡️ 1 ETH = 15,000,000 AIPAY

For more information about AIPAY, you can check our comprehensive whitepaper (consists of 67 pages), creative website, telegram group and channel, twitter and medium accounts.