Afeli Coin (AEI) ICO

updated 27 July 2018


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Status: ended
Public sale: 23 Jul`18-23 Aug`18
Cap: 5 000 ETH
(1 349 000 USD)
Goal: 3 000 ETH
(809 400 USD)
Price: 1 AEI = 0.002 BTC
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The main products of the Afeli platform

The Afeli platform allows you to visit shops and business events without leaving your home or office. This is possible thanks to the use of special equipment, which are equipped with partner companies, modern 3D technologies and augmented reality technologies. The Afeli platform is not just a 3D marketplace. It is possible to be in two places at the same time, using the latest, but accessible technologies, which is undoubtedly important, since the most valuable resource is time.

Our advantages

The platform's capabilities with the use of associated equipment make the platform unique.
Business gets: the opportunity to showcase your product in 3D, with the possibility of more detailed study of the goods than in a real store; an increase in traffic in stores, without additional burden, and as a result, an increase in profits.

The user receives: the opportunity to visit shops located in thousands of kilometers; more detailed examination of the goods before purchase; saving time (the platform is available from any device from anywhere on the planet, with access to the Internet).

AfeliEducation allows the most effective use of 3D technology in the educational process. The platform will be used both for general education, and for secondary special and higher educational institutions.

The platform's capabilities make it possible to obtain high-quality theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills in most areas.

In the same way, AfeliEducation is its own educational platform, which contributes to improving the quality of education of the population, regardless of location.

The platform allows you to create a unique in its way a tool for selling real estate. I use the platform, the user can not only see the photos of the room, but also visit it without leaving home.

Moreover, the user can independently make the apartment repair project, calculate the estimate and order the necessary materials from the partner companies of the project.

The Afeli platform is a unique tool for the heavy industry sector. Using the Afeli platform, it is possible to hold exhibitions and presentations of equipment that can not be imagined in other ways, due to their size or other circumstances.