ADGONOS roadmap

updated 10 July 2018

ADGONOS - An innovative project to reshape the mobile economy.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 May`18-15 Jul`18
Cap: 40 000 ETH
Goal: 2 000 ETH
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  • Launch of ADGONOS MainNet

    Start supporting desktop mining Launch of the ADGONOS MainNet Start promoting the ADGONOS Platform in Asia

  • Release of Platform

    Release of the ADGONOS Platform Enhance the ADGONOS market penetration in Asia (especially Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia and Southern Asia)

  • Market Expansion I

    Expand our market from Asia to Oceanic continent and North America

  • Market Expansion II

    Expand our market to Europe and Middle-East

  • Platform Update

    Release of the updated ADGONOS Platform which can be implemented in JavaScript (or the contemporary equivalence of web- based scripting lang

  • Market Expansion III

    Expand our market to South America and Africa Release of extended platform monetization functionalities which can be applied in various desk