Acomobase (ACO) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

The Uber Of Hospitality For The Blockchain Era

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Status: ended
Start: 01 February 2018
End: 28 February 2018
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About Acomobase

In stark difference with other travel industry proposals Acomobase vision is not limited only on innovating at the low hanging fruit level of just embedding alternative blockchain payment methods to otherwise existing business models.

Our platform focuses on open ended coupled innovation and a cooperative approach with incumbents balancing sustaining innovation with the new radical innovation of decentralized systems to reduce transactions cost, improve record keeping and transactional traceability.

More specifically we propose:

  • A proprietary model of demand aggregation
  • Disintermediation and redistribution of value to hosts and users by bypassing traditional value chains through technology and partnerships
  • Enhanced transparency and trust • Reduced possibility of fraud on transactions
  • Incentivised ecosystem of users and partners
  • Data monetisation possibilities
  • Harnessing the unique penetration and capabilities of mobile devices