ACA Network (ACA) ICO

updated 04 October 2018

Blockchain Ad Network System

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 Jul`18-27 Nov`18
Cap: 30 000 000 USD
Goal: 3 000 000 USD
Price: 1 ACA = 0,03 USD
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About ACA Network

The ACA Network employs blockchain technology to create a next-generation online ad serving platform. Our goal is to make all online ad trafficking transparent and fair, maximizing the interests of both advertisers and advertising media. Since the end of the 20th century, when online advertising began establishing itself as a means of advertising, various technological advances have improved the fidelity of ad trafficking technology. These advances in turn led to the growth of the online advertising market; in recent years, it has seen an annualized average growth rate of 20%, and continues growing further still. The global online advertising market in 2018 is valued to exceed over 281B USD, and it will likely continue growing. However, the online advertising sector faces challenges both from the point of view of advertisers and media operators. Advertisers face the serious issue of ad fraud. Ad fraud is when mechanical means such as “bots” are used to make it appear as though ads have been served, causing advertisers to waste unnecessary expenses on non-existent ads. Losses owing to ad fraud are estimated to reach 19B USD in 2018. This represents a waste of 7% of all funds going into the online ad market. Furthermore, from the point of view of advertising media, the intermediary margins charged by ad agencies that are parties to online ad deals are exploitative and borderline fraudulent. This is because online ad agencies are allowed to freely adjust, at their own discretion, the unit price (CPC/CPI) of an ad served. It would be no exaggeration to say that media outlets today are entirely at the mercy of online ad agencies. These problems are caused by the fact that the online ad market is completely opaque. By employing blockchain technology, the ACA Network resolves these issues. We are building an online ad trading platform that is beneficial to both advertisers and advertising media. Today’s online ad space is poised for change, thanks to the emergence of blockchain technology. We employ blockchain technology to achieve fully transparent trading of online ads, disrupting the online ad space and ushering in change. Allow us to introduce a bit about what we have to offer. Since our founding in Japan in 2010, we have produced a range of media apps for the mobile segment. These have exceeded 500M impressions monthly, and we have secured a position as a major advertising outlet catering to media apps. Drawing on our expertise and knowledge of the Japanese online ad industry, network of contacts, and understanding of the market, we are launching disruptive services in the online ad market, starting in Japan and then moving onto the global stage. The Japanese online ad market is the third largest market of its kind in the world. Basing ourselves out of this large market, we are pivoting to transform the online ad sector worldwide.