TradePlace roadmap

updated 26 January 2019

Tradeplace is the new generation Exchange to trade cryptocurrencies with all in one free services

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Status: ended
Presale: 10 Dec`18-18 Jan`19
Public sale: 28 Jan`19-19 Mar`19
Cap: 75 000 ETH
Goal: 10 500 ETH
Price: 1 EXTP = 0.025 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Q1&Q2. 2018

    - Searching, development. 

    - First meetings of team management.

  • Q3. 2018

    - Creating of the first design and form of the exchange with our partners. 

    - First step to making a place for traders to share.

    - Partnerships with 3 big companies (for marketing, design and development, the exchange platform).

  • Q4. 2018

    - Marketing actions (with our partners). 

    - Starting the Pre-ITO project and sharing it with the community.

    - ITO starts for 4 main stages.

  • Q1. 2019

    - Post-ITO and making a deadline to start the exchange.

    - Creating a KYC system for all users, and the distribution of the tokens.

    - Get two other exchanges to trade our token.

    - Join CoinMarketCap, to be listed.

    - Starting the analysis services and publish the first analysis of pairs from our experts.

  • Q2. 2019

    - Starting the forum.

    - Live news sharing services starts.

    - Competition and vote for other coins.

    - Two new partnerships (with exchanges).

  • Q3. 2019

    - First steps to be regulated (SEC/CTFC).

    - Make it possible to be an auditable exchange.

  • Q4. 2019

    - Starting MasterCard project for all verified users (KYC).

    - First steps to create our own blockchain

  • Q1. 2020

    - Starting migration from ERC20 to our own blockchain.

    - New partnerships (with coins and exchanges).

    - Continue to create technology and innovate to be one of the best exchanges and blockchains in the world.



The TradePlace project got a good team, vision and perspective product in a form of innovative cryptocurrency exchange with variety of features. 

This is chance for every experienced and new crypto trader to get one of the best trading platform in the crypto space.


Fingers crossed for the successful ICO.


I think that what we miss in many platforms is a tradeplace.

ALL IN ONE CryptoCurrency Exchange : Trade best coins and tokens, Share ideas (Forum), Live news for Crypto and Blockchain enthusiast, Pairs analysis from our experts, Vote for new tokens/coins,  MasterCard to withraw, Live Chat Support