2key roadmap

updated 14 October 2018

Re-inventing the link using multi-step tracking. Building a Decentralized network where online sharing is fairly rewarded.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Nov`18-01 Dec`18
Cap: 20 000 000 USD
Goal: 10 000 000 USD
Price: 1 2KEY = 0.0095 USD
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  • Q2 2017

    The 2key concept is born and project launch. 2key’s core team is formed.

  • Q3 2017

    Alpha-version full specification is complete. Development of technological protocol prototype begins.

  • Q4 2017

    Full design & architecture for product’s version 1.0 is ready. Deployment of the 2key protocol on Ethereum test net.

  • Q1 2018

    2key’s whitepaper v1.0 is released. Multi-step protocol v1.0 ready. Project seed investment of $1M is secured. 2Key’s community is established.

  • Q2 2018

    Private sale launched. Product’s alpha version is completed. Technical whitepaper is published. Releasing the yellow paper.

  • Q3 2018

    Token Pre-Sale to be launched. Delivering platform’s beta version including built-in web wallet for ICOs and lead-generating campaigns Releasing version 1.0 of incentive model.

  • Q4 2018

    Finalize Token Sale and getting listed on top exchanges. Release of offline acquisition referral product. Enabling the use of fiat currencies converted into 2key tokens, within the 2key platform. Developing 2key’s network back-end. Developing 2key’s GRN native mobile apps.

  • Q1 2019

    Releasing version 1.0 of: 2key’s recommendation graph; online acquisition referral product; monetize referral content for publishers.

  • Q2 2019

    Growing adoption of 2key within the digital marketing industry. Completing the final GRN product with new features such as full acquisition campaigns templates and communication tools for users. Adding and retaining new community members. Improving 2key products: 2key explorer, 2key’s wallet, integration to other tools and new smart contracts templates. Scaling 2key’s open-source development community.