100Tokens (OHC) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

1 Coin Used in 100 Services

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Status: ended
Public sale: 10 Apr`18-10 May`18
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About 100Tokens

We believe that a real value of a cryptocurrency is connected with products and service you can buy. Just like in the real word more you can buy for a currency more value it generates in case of exchanging to other currencies. That's why decided to build a coin which gives you a strong value. With experience we have in investing in many different projects we convienced founders of promisive companies to accept our generated coin for their services.

That's how One Hundred Coin was born. A coin that was designed to be accepted in 100 different places. By adopting our cryptocurrency you will be able to buy a lot of different things. In our library you will find business services and products. We believe that more value we will build over our coin better trading price it will get at the end of the day. OHC is already accepted in 3 services that are used by thousend of people.

We set the initial price for OHC that's why we give you a real market value even before the exchanges exposition. The mission of 100tokens is to be available in 100 different services. We're starting by showing you services that will accept OHC after pre-ico and ICO, we talk with 100 different businesses to convience them to be part of our ecosystem. We will announce more and more companies during the ico and pre-ico campaigns.

At the end of the day we want OHC to be a service coin that is a standard in case of services and product development. Our special partners program help companies to grow with our cryptocurrency on-board. Our strategy is also strongly connected with exchanges. We want our partners to utilize the price of a coin from an average exchange value. To be able to do that we designed something we called „Price protection plan" which will help companies to adapt our cryptocurrency.