About OPU

Opu Labs' mission is to improve how the global skincare industry exchanges data, information, and rewards in a way that benefits patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers. To make that happen, we’re building a suite of blockchain-based technology platforms – starting with a mobile skincare app – and a token-based ecosystem that will reward its users. To raise awareness of our technology, and to encourage participation in our ecosystem, we’ll be launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in July 2018.
Read more about our app on the Opu Labs website.

Opu Coin & Our Token Ecosystem

Our value-driven ecosystem is underpinned by our native Ethereum-backed token — the Opu Coin (OPU). These are tokens given to anyone who makes a valuable contribution to our suite of platforms. Say a customer submits their skincare data to our AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform, or signs up for a dermatologist’s clinical trial, or a new skincare brand wants to use decentralized data to find a user group for a new product. OPU will become their standard payment method.

In these scenarios, and many others, the exchange of information will enable improvements in skincare health. As our community grows, and more people join our platforms, the greater OPU’s usage becomes. This means our tokens will be in demand, so now is the perfect time to get involved.






Skincare Clinic



Token Offering

660 million

Public Sale - July 17th

$5M softcap
$37M hardcap

Private Sale / Pre-sale

50% Bonus through
June 26th

Token Distribution

15 days after
token sale ends


  • 74.00 %

    Opu Ecosystem

  • 10.50 %

    Team (1 year lock + 12 month vesting)

  • 5.50 %


  • 5.00 %

    Cold Storage (2 Year Lock)

  • 4.00 %


  • 1.00 %

    Opu Rewards (OPUdrop, Bounty)

Participation by residents of Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea Region is prohibited. Residents of the United States of America must be accredited and participation is limited to the private sale.

Join The Opu Rewards Program!

The OPU Rewards program aims to mobilize blockchain as well as skincare experts and enthusiasts. In addition to a wide spectrum of rewards, our Bounty and #OPUdrop reward programs incentivize cryptocurrency buyers to become familiar with our platform in exchange for a substantial amount of OPU Coins.

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Our Technology: 5 Core Services

Opu AI

Machine learning technology that analyzes, compares and recommends treatment solutions.

Opu Search

A search platform that provides treatment information from consumer skincare service providers and eCommerce partners.

Opu Coin

Ethereum crypto coins for use in our marketplace powered by federated product search offering the most comprehensive skincare solutions catalog available in any market.

Opu Connect

Get advice from other users in the community all the way to doctors and specialists.


Free CRM (customer retention management) for doctors and service providers with patient notes, annotations, and mobile history.


To improve treatment options we need to make better use of technology. Through our blockchain-based AI initiatives, we’ll be able to do this at scale. Here’s how we’ll get there…

Early 2016 - 2017
  • • Proof of Concept
  • • Further product research, development, & testing
  • • MVP (demo/alpha)
Q1 2018
  • • Fully functioning web version of 3D scan & analysis
  • • Training tools for doctors
  • • Private Sale & Pre-ICO Opens
Q2 2018
  • • ICO Opens
  • • Product recommendation & skin condition programs
  • • Native Android app version & Asian market launch
Q3 2018
  • • Native iOS app version & US market launch
  • • Affiliates network
  • • Decentralized blockchain database
Q4 2018
  • • Analysis Engine v2 & Image Processing API
  • • Treatment recommendation functionality
  • • Additional Asian & EU country launches
2019 - Future
  • • Product marketing/growth & expanding to new markets
  • • New functionalities & third-party tool support
  • • Enterprise integration with partner platforms

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#Skincare is the largest segment of the beauty industry.

It’s projected to be worth $190 billion by the end of 2019.


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#Opu has dedicated 1% of its total supply to the #bounty program, where we directly empower our early users and adopters.

If you're interested in #OpuRewards, please create an account at https://t.co/jZE4OsjpUv

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#OpuLabs will become more than just a tool - It will evolve into a facilitator of meaningful interactions for all users.

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What is an ICO?

An ICO or “Initial Coin Offering” is a sale of virtual “coins” or “tokens” to buyers who wish to purchase virtual currency in order to trade, hold as a digital asset, or use on the issuing company’s service network.

Which industry problem(s) are you addressing?

The skincare industry is a multibillion dollar international business. However, most consumers get advice from unreliable sources: social media, friends, and product marketers. Everyone’s skin is different and yet despite the strong need, few consumers get advice from skincare professionals. The perception is that specialist consultations are “too expensive”, or for many, there’s no obvious locally available service.

Where are you located?

Our main bases of operation are in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, and Bangkok.

How can I find the whitepaper?

The whitepaper is available here: Whitepaper

What is the supported Opu Coin protocol?

Opu Coins will use the ERC-223 token standard which is backwards compatible with ERC-20 and introduces new improvements and capabilities over the classic ERC-20 (e.g. eliminates the problem of lost tokens by simplifying token sending; more control over incoming transactions; less blockchain bloating)

Marc Bookman



Marc is Opu Labs’ founder and CEO. He has over 25 years of experience in the software and online services industries; including major IT platforms in the search, document management, mobile, and healthcare sectors. He previously worked for Sony and founded Sentius – a contextual content company – and MCN: the mobile industry’s first intelligent federated search solution.

Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali

Chief Medical Advisor


Dhaval is Senior Dermatology Advisor and leader of Opu Labs Advisory Board. Accepted into medical school at the age of 17, Dr. Bhanusali is renowned for his humanitarian activities and advances in the field of dermatological medicine. He was recently recognized as one of Crain’s New York’s top 25 Healthcare innovators.

Richard Reed



Richard is Opu Labs’ founder and COO and has over 18 years of international growth marketing, operations and team building experience in the internet services and eCommerce industries. He is an advisor to numerous Silicon Valley startups where he develops growth and team building strategies. Reed holds a PhD from Oxford.

Lucy Omo

VP of Engineering


Lucy is Opu Labs’ VP of Engineering and has over 25 years of software development experience designing, programming and implementing system solutions for websites, distributed systems, multimedia titles and databases. She has over 10 years of engineering management experience leading teams at GFK Knowledge Networks and 8 years as CTO of PatchWorx.

Raj Jhaveri



Raj is Opu Lab’s CTO and is a serial technologist. He co-founded Manethryn Technology, Inc. and is also partner at The Catalan Group, a strategy consulting firm which launched Canopy Apps, a company that focuses on medical translation services and education.

Samantha Wang

VP of Marketing


Samantha is VP of Marketing at Opu Labs and has over 15 years of international marketing experience. She’s worked with Thomas Cook Travel Group; Macquarie Group; Experian PLC, and Estee Lauder in customer service, merchandising, eCommerce, business marketing, UX/UI, marketing, retail, and HR.

Shuai (Nino) Feng

Director of Product Management


Nino is a product manager, entrepreneur, and design thinker. At Norby she built a prioritized roadmap for an interactive robot that brings families together; refined product positioning, validated core value proposition, and developed a monetization strategy.

James Hodgman

Chief Architect


James is Opu’s Chief Architect. He has over a decade of AI and software development experience. This includes system architecture and design, data storage scalability, web and mobile full stack app development, prediction algorithms and decentralized applications.

Pumara Kokiatrattana

Country Manager, Thailand


Pumara is Opu’s Thailand Country Manager. She has over 20 years in sales, marketing and operations experience. She has experience in various industries such as beauty, lingerie and food & beverage.

Naveen Shukla

Country Manager, India


Naveen is Opu’s India Country Manager. He has held key leadership positions with various multinationals and startups, and has two decades of experience in sales, marketing, channel network management, product management, and business and operational strategies.

Erik Wang

VP of Strategy


Erik is Opu Labs’ VP of Strategy and brings over 15 years experience of advertising and marketing industry experience to the team. He’s worked with numerous major global brands including Coke, Qantas, Expedia, Citibank, Webjet, Uber, and Estee Lauder.

Arthur Zubkoff

Blockchain Bizdev


Arthur is a Fintech, Business Development, and Marketing Consultant with a background in technology, design, business, and banking. He holds a Master’s degree in Management from the University of St Andrews and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Newcastle University. He has worked on several ICOs in the past year, including: UTRUST, Safein, and TV-TWO

Dr. Anna Karp



Anna is a leading dermatologist at The Skin Institute of New York. She previously worked at St John’s Episcopal Hospital where she was chief resident of dermatology, and continues to to work at an assistant professor at NYU Langone Health.

Jill Bowers

Lead Designer


Jill is a UX/UI and front end developer, experienced in everything from Illustrator, Photoshop, sketch, and balsamiq, to Invision, Sublime, and Dreamweaver. She’s also the founder of S Traveler – a social media platform that encourages growth and success.

Akemi Tazaki



Akemi is a design and research professions with experience in mobile, web and consumer electronics. She holds several user interface design patents; is a corporate trainer for Design Thinking, UX agile and UXPM level; and has built prototypes using artificial intelligence based on vision and sound recognitions.

Deepti Devanagondi

Director of Finance


Deepti is Opu’s director of finance, and is highly experienced in providing accounting services for early stage startups and pre-IPO companies. Her expertise includes SEC filings and forecasting. She’s operated as an independent professional for the past 11 years.

Robert Dellenbach

Legal Advisor


Robert is a Senior Blockchain Legal Advisor with over 25 years of Silicon Valley venture law experience. He’s represented hundreds of technology startups on financing, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property.

Sanjoy Saha

App Developer


Sanjoy is a senior software engineer and mobile application developer with vast experience in a number of areas, including: Android, Java, MySQL, C, JSON, and jQuery Mobile.

Sudin Gaitonde

Senior Software Engineer


Sudin has over 18 years of progressive software engineering experience in project and solution delivery management for enterprise applications, including Oracle applications.

Nagy Sandor

Senior Software Engineer


Nagy is a senior web and search software engineer with over 7 years of experience in PHP, C++ and .NET projects.

Maninder Dhiman

Senior Software Engineer


Maninder is a web and mobile application developer with 8+ years experience in web, database, API development and payment gateway implementation.

Dr. Lauren Ploch



Lauren is a dermatologist based in Augusta, GA and Aiken, SC. She is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and the Women’s Dermatologic Society.

Dr. Ashvin Garlapati



Ashvin is a dermatologist working at the Dermatology Center of Northwest Indiana. He holds membership in the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology. He is a sought after speaker at national dermatology meetings.

Dr. Omar Noor



Omar is the co-founder of Rao Dermatology. He was previously chief resident at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine. His expertise ranges from skin cancer and medical dermatology to cosmetic dermatology, including Botox, fillers, and lasers.

Dr. Jordan Fabrikant



Jordan is a board certified dermatologist, working at Advanced Dermatology PC in New York. Trained in Mohs Micrographic Surgery, his work has been featured in numerous medical publications.

Dr. Matthew J. Elias



Matthew is the co-founder of Elias Dermatology, a private practice specializing in a range of medical and cosmetic procedures – from acne and rosacea, to Mohs surgery and photodynamic therapy.

Dr. Farhaad Riyaz



Farhaad is a Micrographic surgery and dermatologic oncology fellow at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Pradyumna Vaidya



Pradyumna is a leading dermatologist working at the Vaidya Skin and Laser Clinic in Pune, India; which specializes in everything from hair transplants to vitiligo treatment.

Brennan Bennett

Blockchain Advisory Board Leader


Brennan is Opu’s Senior Blockchain Technology Advisor. A technical consultant, emerging tech entrepreneur, and blockchain startup advisor; he is a subject matter expert in blockchain implementation strategy.

Jay Manciocchi

Blockchain and AI Marketing Advisor


Jay is a Senior Blockchain Marketing Advisor, and NA Marketing Lead at Accenture where he develops growth strategies for Blockchain, AI, and IOT products. He is an expert in all aspects of digital marketing, with a particular emphasis on content.

Cooper Turley

ICO Advisor


Cooper is a leading ICO analyst who has worked on over 40 offerings – including Bluzelle, ICON, Wabi, and DragonChain. He has extensive experience in community management, agency recruitment, smart contract development, bounty programs, influencer outreach, and token economics.

Tib Palin

Blockchain Growth Advisor


Tib is a Senior Blockchain Growth Advisor with extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing, communications, and community building; which he’s done for UTRUST, Viuly, and TriForce Tokens.

Martin Lind

Token Economics Advisor


Martin is COO of Sentient Systems. He has a long history in the computer hardware industry and is skilled in business planning, entrepreneurship, process and financial modeling, and market research.

Paroma Indilo

ICO Advisor


Paroma is a solicitor at Fieldfisher with experience working with regulators, venture capital funds, startups, as well as established companies. She has also served as an early adviser and to several blockchain companies including MuleChain and Webrunes. She is an experienced early stage blockchain investor whose holdings include Neo, Vechain and ICX.