ICO Stats: Market Data

5300+ projects are listed on ICObazaar. Every month our team collects ICO statistics to provide investors with the latest and accurate data.

Key numbers on the listed ICOs

$ 18 758 796 932 raised in 2018

Total dollar equivalent pledged on ICO market

$ 988 000 000 last month

raised on closed tokensales

  • 5332 ICO

    Listed total

  • 373 ICO

    listed in August

  • 124 ICO

    reported to reach their goal

ICO listed by month

Top ICOs by funds raised in August

ICO Market analytics

Almost 400 ICOs are listed every month

42 days - the average ICO duration

$ 5 143 327 - average hardcap in August

34% of the ICOs declared less than $1 million hardcap in August

41% of the ICOs get 4+ rate

(out of all rated projects)

Top ICO by categories

Tokensale results by funds raised

Platform, Cryptocurrency and AI are the most frequent categories

Top countries of ICO launches and funds raised