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  • What do I need to contribute to an ICO campaign on ICObazaar?
    To contribute you first need to create an account on our site (easy sign up via email or Facebook). You can then select the ICO campaign of your choice and contribute using ETH, BTC or one of our many other available currencies.
  • How do I see my tokens?
    Once you contribute on our site, your token-pledges will show up in your user profile under "My Tokens". To find them click on your username in the top right corner and select "My Tokens" from the drop-down menu. Your tokens will then be delivered to you as soon as they become transferable, which is determined by the project that created them.
  • When can I withdraw my tokens from ICObazaar?
    You can withdraw tokens from ICObazaar to an external wallet as soon as they become transferable, which is determined by the project that created them. Usually there is a delay between the end date of a given ICO campaign and the date the tokens become transferable, during which your tokens remain locked on a smart contract. The delay can vary from hours to months, depending on the specific ICO in question. In the meantime, you'll see the your token-pledges in your ICObazaar user profile under "My Tokens".
  • How do you handle token returns if an ICO fails?
    The protocol for token returns is specific to each individual ICO, so our return policy follows the policy of the particular ICO in question. Usually, if an ICO fails to reach its funding goal, the project refunds supporters the full amount they sent. ICObazaar makes every effort to protect our users to the full extent possible.
  • How do I know if a project is worth funding?

    There is no right answer to this question. Supporters (you!) need to use all the information available to make your choice about contributing to a project during its Initial Coin Offering.

    Supporters should look for creators who present a clear plan for how their project will be developed and who ideally have a history of successfully completing other projects and ventures. Creators are encouraged to share as much background information as possible so that potential supporters can make more informed decisions about the projects they contribute to.

  • What do I do if I'm having problems using ICObazaar?
    We're sorry you're having problems! Write to our support team at describing your problem and we'll get things sorted out.