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  • What is ICObazaar?

    ICObazaar is a multi-functional resource for people interested in being part of the world of crypto crowdsales.

    • As an ICO Participation Platform we provide a place where you can browse a wide variety of projects, learn about the technology and creators behind them, and choose the ones you want to support. You can then contribute to any campaign on our platform without leaving the site. On ICObazaar you can choose to participate not only in currently active campaigns, but in upcoming and publicly completed ones as well.
    • As an ICO information resource, we provide you with all the info and stats available for crowdsales we feature. At your request we'll send you email notifications on specific campaigns as well as market opportunities and more general updates from the crowdsale world, both curated by us and provided by other users in the community.
    • As an ICO publishing platform we provide creators who would like to run a crowdsale for their project with a platform where they can get their project in front of an interested, active audience.
  • What kind of tokens can I get on ICObazaar?

    ICObazaar provides the opportunity to contribute to crowdsale campaigns at various stages: in addition to publicly active campaigns, you can also contribute to campaigns that have not yet publicly begun, or have already been publicly completed, generally up until tokens become transferable, which is determined by the project that created them.

    After you've contributed to a crowdsale campaign on ICObazaar, you will see your token-pledges on your ICObazaar user profile on the "My Tokens" page. As soon as the campaign creators make their tokens transferable, your tokens will be delivered to your ICObazaar account and you will able to withdraw them to an external wallet of your choice.

  • How is the price of tokens on ICObazaar determined?

    For upcoming and publicly active campaigns, if the creators have set a publicly known price for their tokens, then the rate on ICObazaar is exactly the same. For publicly completed campaigns it's a bit more complex - the price for a token is determined by demand, since the number of available tokens fluctuates, as we provide a pool of users willing to give up some of their tokens to other users. In addition, small fees for service and handling may be applied in some cases.

  • Why should I use ICObazaar?

    We're glad you asked! As you may already know from trial and error, contributing to an ICO campaign is more often than not a fairly complex, frustrating process. On ICObazaar our mission is make the experience as smooth, standardized and painless as possible.

    We provide:

    • Easy one-time registration by email or via Facebook,
    • One simple, multi-currency donation interface for all campaigns on our platform,
    • Access to campaigns at multiple stages - on ICObazaar you can contribute to crowdsale campaigns before they publicly open, as well after they're publicly completed,
    • A guarantee that all the headache will be on us. All you have to do is wait for your tokens to arrive.