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A restaurant recommendation platform connecting users and restaurants through tokens

  • Closes: in a month
Start: a day ago

The puff puff network

Get paid to smoke weed.

  • Closes: in 14 days
Start: 2 months ago


RasputinOnline is a premium live broadcast Entertainment hub giving viewers from across the globe the medium to connect with our in-house mo

  • Closes: in 11 days
Start: a month ago


Decentralised and mobile cyber-security token

  • Closes: in 24 days
Start: 24 days ago

AQUA Rights

The first water rights backed asset utilizing Blockchain technology. The foundation will utilize Ethereum's Smart Contracts technology.

  • Closes: in a month
Start: a day ago


Realizing the vision of legally-binding smart contracts on blockchain

  • Closes: in 5 hours
Start: a month ago


A platform with all features of a digital economical system based on cryptocurrency

  • Closes: in 19 days
Start: 10 days ago

Just Dating Site

A platform to connect people

  • Closes: in a month
Start: 3 days ago


The world's first decentralised music platform

  • Closes: in 3 days
Start: a month ago

Abab DAO

A decentralized marketspace for accommodation rentals where a blockchain solves the issue of trust between the host and the guest.

  • Closes: in a month
Start: 2 days ago


A decentralized P2P marketplace for online short-term jobs for students, freelancers and employers

  • Closes: in 15 days
Start: 16 days ago


the first cryptocurrency-backed contribution oriented R&D Platform for the new digital age

  • Closes: in 2 days
Start: a month ago

The Baobab Market

A decentralized web-accesible eCommerce platform for all

  • Closes: in 2 months
Start: 10 days ago


A global extreme entertainment technology and tokenized ecosystem

  • Closes: in 12 days
Start: 11 days ago


World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform

  • Closes: in a month
Start: 17 days ago


Bits Digit offers the most liquid order book in the world, allowing users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic.

  • Closes: in 14 days
Start: 16 days ago