Tinh Tran

ICO Advisory | Marketing and Communications Expert

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 5
  • Location: Viet Nam

Mr. Tinh is an internet marketing, affiliate marketing and communication expert with 15+ years of experience. He started his career as an internet marketer since 2000 and became a leading blogger and internet marketer in Vietnam.

Mr. Tinh is also a crypto enthusiast and helped a number of ICO projects with great success since 2010. He provides consultancy service to ICO projects with focus on marketing, PR, and communications.

Tinh is the founder and writer of the blog: https://www.icoreviews.club/


Please note I do not give out or provide investment advice. You are expected to do your own due diligence. All of my reviews and ratings are that of my own opinion and do NOT reflect actual or a projected outcome of the project. Do NOT invest in anything based on my opinion or rating. Investing comes with risks.