Roman Karimov

Tech Entrepreneur | Strategist | ICO Advisor

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 18
  • Location: Russian Federation

Results-oriented business leader with 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the IT and Internet Technologies. Since the end of 2015 focused on digital assets, becoming crypto enthusiast. Blockchain technology, bitcoin, ethereum and smart contracts have become for him the embodiment of the changes in which he must participate.

Roman has been actively involved in cryptocurrency trading and blockchain assets portfolio management having made over 1000 successful trades on various crypto exchanges. He has personally invested in 20+ ICO’s, having successful exits and participated in several crypto projects by joining to at various stages - from development of the project conception, tokenomics and marketing strategy to attracting investments, token swaps and listing on crypto exchanges.

Currently Roman is an advisor and private investor in projects and startups which using the blockchain technology in their products. He is also an experienced specialist on the ICO Strategy, member of the Bitcoin Foundation, IDACB and RACIB; regularly attends industry blockchain conferences and events as an expert.
As an advisor and strategist for blockchain companies, whose ideas and strategies have helped projects to hit the market and become successful, Roman have been involved with over 15 ICO projects to date.