Paul Scott

Blockchain advisor and a seasoned professional

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 5
  • Location: South Africa

Paul has deep-level FinTech, InsurTech and Big Data eco-system knowledge, including utilisation of leading-edge technologies that underpin the eco-system’s development. His focus for the last 2-years has become the inherent benefits in Blockchain technology and the nascent opportunities this presents for a decentralised global economy. In particular, his experience has extended into cryptocurrency launches, acting as an advisor both formally and informally, and in the construction of Whitepapers and token economics, mechanisms and distribution. Prior to this, his passion for the environment saw Paul developing a green technology business, with a view to matching projects and technology in the eco-system to drive beneficial results in low-impact energy generation. Technology was the underpin, and the related benefits the driver. Paul gained an expert level of understanding of the markets, competition, geographic, macroeconomic and global factors impacting customer experience in his 20-year financial services career, culminating in the position of Group Treasurer & Head of Global Markets for multiple banks. This has given him a highly developed level of Risk-awareness and enable him to become fully proficient in the language of change management.