Nikolay Zvezdin

Strategy & finance advisor

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 0
  • Location: China

Currently CIO at Envinary Group, with experience in private equity, assurance, and advisory; participated in 8 potential LBOs worth of ~US$ 22 billions, of companies from Industrials, Energy, TMT, Pharmaceuticals, FIG, and Consumer Goods sectors from the UK, US, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China, and Russia; advised top executives of private equity portfolio company on operations and efficiency enhancement resulting in EBITDA increase of ~60%; participated in assurance of the largest banks in Tajikistan; CFA Level I Candidate, winner of CFA Research Challenge in Turkey, participant in CFA EMEA Research Challenge, winner of Credit Suisse HOLT Valuation Challenge, winner of Credit Suisse HOLT Community Competition.