Muhammad Tanzeel Hayder

Financial modeller | Top ICO Advisor | Top Trader

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 0
  • Location: United Arab Emirates

I am a graduate of “Accounting” from Oxford Brookes University (UK) and ACCA Qualified professional, competent and result driven person with 7+ Years of proven experience in working with members’ of multinational companies.

I am top rated financial and business modeler for block chain projects and new ICOs.,

Are you starting a new business and wonder when you will turn your first profit? Or already own a company and need to know how much it is worth? Financial modeling is a vital part of any business plan and company valuation. But let’s face it – it could be a very challenging task to complete for someone with no finance background. In your head you already know exactly how your business will make money. 

All you need is to translate that knowledge into a spreadsheet. But building a robust financial model requires thousands of hours spent in Excel/Google docs and at least some knowledge of basic accounting principles.

I am happy to help you put this financial model together and explain financial concepts and metrics in a way that makes sense to you. MY FINANCIAL MODEL: 

Will answer questions you have in mind, whether it is when you will break even or how much do you need to invest to get there, or how much your company will be worth in 3 years. 
Will help you define the KPIs to measure your project’s success and know what is really important for your company.
Will be flexible and automated, so you will only need to plug in your assumptions and see how that will impact the success of your venture.