Mihai Alexandru Bisnel

Exchange Listing Consultant | TokenCouncil.com

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 1
  • Location: Romania

 I formed a professional expertise first in Orange and Procter&Gamble. Later, I discovered the potential of blockchain and developed a passion for everything related. At first it was strictly for financial gains, however in time I learned a lot about the technology and all the long term benefits its' implementation could bring. I went through all the stages: buying Bitcoin, mining, ICO investing, ICO research. As I started having a lot of knowledge and contacts, I also founded TokenCouncil.com, where I often post interviews with interesting people of blockchain.

 I am an exchange listing consultant and can help projects in that matter. 

 Please note I am not a financial advisor, I am just a passionate person that shares his personal opinion. I strongly recommend you should always do your own research.