Marco Barchetti

ICO Marketing and PR Manager

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 0
  • Location: Italy

Several years of experience as Marketing Manager in traditional and crypto sectors.

Managing each area of my company from Marketing field to Budgeting and Financial fields.

On 2015 I have launched a Marketing Company in the UK that works in traditional business.

I’ve started to expand my knowledge to the Blockchain world thanks to the continuous demand and thanks to the daily growth of this new technology that definitely is changing and will change totally the way to make business. 

• ICO Digital Marketing strategies with expertise in

Financial planning

Budget allocation making focusing on Marketing strategy

Project Management and Growth Hacking.

Without those attitudes, launching an ICO could be very hard and very difficult to achieve the initial goal and get the right audience targeted. 

This is my starting point to identify the best strategies and every possibility of Digital Marketing to promote the ICO and the project through the social channel in the best way.

• Social media planning and marketing PR with expertise from Social Network, to the Affiliate Marketing, from Telegram to Slack through GitHub.