Graham Doggart

Blockchain Advisor and ICO Growth Consultant

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 7
  • Location: Malta


"Graham Doggart has been a world-class blockchain advisor for the Elysian project. He is extremely knowledgeable about the blockchain industry and has provided valuable services to Elysian to help improve our project in the initial stages of our token sale. Graham has been the consummate professional throughout the growth of our project. In addition, he is well-connected in the industry and is capable of providing extra value in terms of introductions to partnerships and investors. I would highly recommend Graham to any project." — Jesse Brandenburg, Elysian

"Graham works as an Advisor on our Project Worldopoly, he proved an amazing asset in various fields among them: Legal advice; Marketing strategies; Investor relations. He supported us and continues to support us in a very competent way. I can definitely recommend him as an advisor for any ICO and/or Blockchain project. In opposite to other ICO Advisors he isn't just after the commission, he's genuinely involved in the project and tries to bring it to success." — Jura Hözel, Worldopoly

About Me:

I have worked with a number of blockchain projects to help them succeed.

If you'd like to put my experience to work then contact me directly. If we are a good fit, we'll make it happen!

I specialise in solving token economics and overall structuring and packaging of the product and offering.

Once the project is all set I can introduce service providers, investors and other partners from my extensive network.

I'll work with you to do everything possible to get your show on the road and keep it there.