Evgeny Skoropisov

Analyst and marketer in the ICOBox

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 1
  • Location: Thailand

I'm a marketing specialist. Data analyst with a large experience in consulting many projects. Now I am working at https://icobox.io/ I shared my knowledge of working and analyzing of data for several years with developers of the following projects that became successful: 
• Saifu ICO – marketing strategies for promotion the cryptocurrency financial service 
• Bubbletone. Blockchain in Telecom – processed big amounts of data about mobile operators 
• SocialMedia.Market – traffic management for this rapidly developing platform 
• Universa Blockchain Protocol – consulting in handling the TGE
• Crypterium – responsible for traffic management for this cryptobank
• Pavocoin – IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem. CMO