Dan Litwak

Founder @HawkSec | ICO Senior Security Advisor

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 2
  • Location: Israel

Dan is an experienced developer and security consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the information technology and security fields. His main areas of expertise include attack and penetration testing, code review, architecture security, cloud security, blockchain technologies and more, having performed more than a hundred hands-on assessments of different types for Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries.

If your project needs a Senior Security Advisor, one that will not only provide the proper guidance to your team, but also to ensure the success of your project, protecting it from criminals and fraudsters, you can contact Dan through linkedin or telegram.


Affiliated ICOs - Success Cases:

✔ Iagon.com

✔ Plaak.com

✔ Viewo.com

✔ Metamorph.pro

✔ OneSocialNetwork.io

✔ LandLayby - hrbe.io