Chrysalis Johnson

Futurist Tech Hustler | Permissionless Innovator

  • Field of expertise: ICO Executive
  • Affiliated ICOs: 0
  • Location: United States of America

Welcome to TOTALITY

Im a tech guy who is known in the tech world as Vision.
I've been working on advanced branding models and various software projects for the past few years.
My latest tool is a crypto trading platform called FULL SPECTRUM CAPITALIZATION.
It's just something me and my friends use to take profits from Bittrex.
(Iv'e closed retail sales for the moment, so please don't ask to use the bot.) 
My company is also launching an open-source monetization community that will bring together talented individuals from all over the world. 
The project is called TOTALITY.
This is not like any other blockchain project before it.
Crypto trading, Forex trading, gambling, and Uncensored Content distribution on one decentralized network.
We have working products, a small, loyal team, and most importantly, a clear vision.
We have just started the pre-sale process and are looking to add to our advisory board and fill a few more spots on the team. 
I'm also currently looking to collaborate with other members of the ICO community and provide insight to other projects.
Reach out, and let's create something amazing!