Technical Block Chain Adviser

  • Field of expertise: Advisor
  • Affiliated ICOs: 1
  • Location: India

Aravinda is an expert technology adviser for startups mainly in Blockchain and Security areas. He got one patent recently with US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) on encryption deployment discovery in an enterprise. He got Master's degree in computer science with 18+ Years of rich industrial experience mainly in cloud, security, Block chain. His experience includes Linux systems and application programming spanning multiple platforms, network security product development, architectural design, solution frameworks and Block chain. Built world-class engineering teams and software products deployed across the globe. He has technical leadership experience representing the likes of Nokia, Motorola, IBM Labs to name a few. Looking to develop sophisticated products by combining his rich experience in security + cloud + block chain for the world wide companies

Completed 9 ICOs as a technical block chain adviser and block chain solution architect for international block chain projects


➢ Good understanding of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, NEO, EOS

➢ Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contracts development for ICO fund raise using Solidity

➢ ERC20 Smart Contract Security Audit

➢ dApp development

➢ DAO smart contract development

➢ Architecture Block chain Applications and Proof of Concept / Minimum Viable Product

➢ Technical Advising

➢ Combining Cloud, security to design sophisticated block chain projects

➢ Smart Contract Development on EoS, Stellar, Credits, NEO, BCH